Sunday, 29 November 2009

Dieing to get better......

Dieing to get better, yes that is what I have been told, chemo = poison. It is good though, it was something I just did not know or understand, I have been told that to kill off the tumours they need to bring me close to being given an controlled overdose of poison.

I have been warned that my blood count was only 1.5 on Thursday and that I was border line to receive my chemo this time around, this was my eighth course and outside the bad 1st line implant all has gone well, so if I get put back a week on my next visit, there will be no need to panic, it just gives my bone marrow time to have a bit of a rest and have a holiday ready to make some good blood ready to be killed off. LOL :O)

Work is going well lots going on, 46 new guys on Monday for induction, should be a good time.

Good win for Manchester United, Bad one for Rangers, Come on 'a Linfield'.

Going to try to get on the phone later to speak to Family back on the Isle of Man, one of the Family is being laid off on New Years Eve after being in the job for a long time, not good, bad timing by her employers in my mind.

Traa dy liooar.

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