Sunday, 22 November 2009

Work, Hospital, Operations..........................

I will start off the blog with work, it has been a busy but satisfying week at work, Lots of report type work and on Monday I take a group in training for a bit of the week, this will be interrupted slightly by my next bit.

The next bit. As my results show improvement with my tumours (These tests were ordered by 'The Christie Hospital' and my specialist there), I have been contacted by North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) (Rep of 1 of my 2 specialist there), I have a Cancer Care Nurse (Cancer Contact Person) who I have not heard from since about June 09, Who has organised tests like more MRI scans etc, I will not go into too much detail of the tests but the MRI scanner is the big noisy one. LOL.

These tests are on Wednesday and like the CT scan are carried out on the same machines as I originally was on back in summer. The MRI scanner does in my experience leave you quite week, this may have something to do with only being allowed to sip water and no food, it usually works out at about 16 hours in my case with no food or drink due to being asleep through the night.

The outcome of the tests may result in my being operated on, probably my Colon and Liver first, I do not know about what they will do with the cancer that is reportedly in my pelvis, good news though, my lung cancer has disappeared.

Thursday See's me at 'The Christie' for more chemo, the side effects are about the same for me, numb fingers, bleeding from various area's, like nose bleeds and sometimes other bottom related area's. On top of that I sometimes have to rush off at short notice to the toilet. LOL.

Moving on, Button and Hamilton both on the same F1 team, that will be exciting, who will be the number one in the Team, I think Hamilton myself, Manchester United had a good win over Everton, Liverpool drawing with Man City, pity Chelsea are still ahead but plenty of time for United.

Traa dy liooar

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