Friday, 13 November 2009

CT Scan to the results..................

Well Monday had me up at the North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH, for a CT Scan.
They promised the results for Thursdays Consultation, true to their word they arrived on time.

At work the till Thursday then off to the Hospital 'The Christie' bloods taken quickly, then waited for 2 hours to see my Registrar, I have no complaints about this as they give you once you get to see them as long as it takes. So my Lady Registrar, opened my file and asked how I had been since our last talk, I gave her what had happened, I had been a bit ill and said it was just a virus going around work and we agreed that nothing to worry about, just minor treatment to correct, then she noticed that my results had come through. She had no time to prepare herself for any bad news that she had to deliver the poor Lady and was rather relieved to pass on the news, The tumour in my Pelvis had reduced as had the one in my Liver, the Liver one had reduced so much they found it hard to find. My Colon Tumour had already shrunk and I was aware of that by the fact I can go to the toilet, so no need to go on about that.

Norma I could tell was so relived, she could have turned a cart wheel. We both went up to ward 3 for me to get my Chemotherapy treatment, after handing in my notes, we headed to the day room to wait for the chemo to be made up, both of us texting all our Families & Friends our good news.

Life in the Old Dog yet:O) Remember Lynn's Bowel cancer site.

Traa dy liooar

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Sarah said...

Congrats Adrian! So so pleased that things are looking up for you! :) xxx