Monday, 9 November 2009

Well that was a clean out. LOL.

For some reason the links are not working I will work pn this soon!!!!!!!!!

Bit late up-dating the blog, I have had to be light on my feet for a bit. The reason being a good case of the trots. This appears to be a side effect of the Chemotherapy, I have in the past been given drugs to arrest 'the runs' and they worked overnight but may I say that I feel somewhat better for the clean out, bit like a detox.

After Norma pointed out an article in the Manchester Evening News by John Stapleton, I have started trying to raise a few bob for Lynn Foulds Woods campaign on Bowel Cancer. know I may be being selfish but I am fed up with Breast Cancer, they appear to be very well organised and I have no issue with it but I think people should start thinking from 'THE BOTTOM, UP WARDS,' YES THINK BUMS! If you ever fancy giving some money to Lynn's Bowel Cancer Campaign, I have set up a justgiving link can i suggest you hit the tax button as it gives 'Gift Aid', the 'Gift Aid' will not work for you guys in the Isle of Man, Philippines, Spain, Washington USA and outside the UK but do not let that stop you giving. LOL. If I ever die by the way, do not send flowers, give the money you would have spent to the below, I would like that. Flowers just wilt and die, give some other poor bugger a chance to live. LOL. Come on cheer up.:O)

This one goes to Lynn's campaign.

This one goes to 'The Christie' who are treating me and is a research hospital, I owe a lot to these guys and thank them for making me a trialist in the start and maybe again, I want to be a trialist as I supported organ transplants but my organs are now a bit cooked, so they may as well use me while I am alive to help cure others that follow and hopefully extend my time with my Family and Friends.

Well sportingly, moving on, Chelsea winning was not a happy result for me but Linfield winning and Celtic only drawing were good results, come on Rangers.

Norma and I have booked to see Chuck Berry on the 4th of December at the Manchester Appolo, the guy is 83 and going strong good supporting artists as well. I have seen him before about 20+ years ago and he was good, I work on the idea that guys like him even if you do not like their music you still have to see as they are part of history, bit like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Brahms & Lyst (No even I am not that old). LOL.

Norma is busy buying Christmas gifts some good stuff being bought, I am for once looking forward to Christmas, I cannot remember the last Christmas period I have not worked, I think it was 40 years ago, seriously it may have been longer.

Traa dy liooar

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