Sunday, 4 October 2009

Chemo, my health, family and friends etc.

I visited 'The Christie' for my Fourth treatment out of six on Thursday, all went well, as normal. I had a meeting with a Registrar / Nurse and talking to her I voiced a concern I have, which is why do I feel so good, you may think this odd but honestly, I have not felt as healthy in a long, long time, when I started my first bout of chemo, yes I had an infected line and that probably knocked me about a bit, gave me dizzy spells and the likes but since my Hickman line change I am just getting stronger and to some at work more annoying as I am getting more and more mischievous. LOL. Sorry people. :O) No I am not.

Well the Nurse responded with, some people do sail through treatment but things can change, I am not taking things for granted. I was also informed that I am being booked in for more scans to see what affect the treatment has had on my tumours and other parts of my body, in regards to side effects my kidneys could be effected by the chemo. To save you going back through the blog, my current standing is that I have cancer in the Colon (Bowel). Liver and back of the stomach / spinal area, some hot spots in the lungs. I am a terminal case who has recently shown such good results that I am no longer under close observation on my trial, I am still getting the trial chemo and it appears to be working well. Oh! I have recovered my appetite but managed about half a kilo wight gain I am now about 77 kilos, that is about a 33 inch waist, I was around a 36 inch waist a few month's ago, I like my new figure and know it will help my recovery, not too bad for a fella of 56.

Moving on. my Brother was cremated in London this week I did not attend I am sorry to say that I missed an opportunity to meet up with my Family from the Isle of man and Holland but hopefully soon this will be resolved, Family are important, Norma and I are up in Carlise this coming weekend for a meet, Norma had a birthday this weekend and in a couple of weekends her brother Stuart has a birthday in a fortnight, times of celebration. I hope a load of people turn up, it would be a good night.

The F1 racing looks like it will go down to the wire and Manchester United struggled yesterday.

Today Norma and I are meeting up with a good old friend and his Family up in Bolton, this will be the second Indian meal in three days and another next Saturday. LOL.

Work, we expect to re-form with a new Company this week if all goes well, exciting and challenging times, the timescales are not set in stone but things are looking good. I cannot go into too much detail about the Company takeover.

I no longer have a full Team under me as I am on projects, to be honest I probably have more experience in project management gained over my years than managing Customer Service Teams and this sits well with me at the moment, I have a regular shift pattern which is a Monday to Friday shift and on the weeks that I need my chemo I make up my hours in other ways. Work is good and it keeps me focused, I highly recommend that if you have an illness that you talk to your employer about working through it as best you can, my employers are great, signs of a recognition of duty of care that is being supported, good work and I for one will not take the Mickie out of their trust in me, in fact they will get more, as I recognise their support.

Traa dy liooar

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Sarah said...

You are such an inspiration Mr Howarth! Love your attitude towards life and living, you make so much sense. Glad all at work are supporting you, keep smiling x x