Friday, 25 September 2009

Not a lot going on really....

Well since Saturday not a lot has taken place.

Had a nice meal in The Smoker, in Plumley, Cheshire, lovely beef, good atmosphere. Excellent company, in Alan and Boonta.

Talking about Alan and Boonta, we are all going to visit Oxford shortly for a bit of a break. Alan and I are a couple of decrypts but the girls will have a good time and the scenery in Oxford is great, we all enjoy Morse and Lewis and a bit of scene spotting will be fun.

Of late I have allowed myself a pint of beer, Guinness mostly, especially for the iron content, I wonder what brews Oxford may hold, I think now that I drink for health and taste it should be OK.

As off today, I am a bit less under the nurse's, stitches are all out, no gauze dressings, just coverings to keep my Hickman line in place. I am due another visit to the Christie on Thursday this will be for my 4th of 6 visits but all OK.

Norma had a bit of a shock on her way home last night, on arrival at the Bus Station a man threw himself off the car park above, Norma decided there was not a lot she could do but leave the area and make her way home by an alternative route, problem was she had to walk around a few bits of body to get out.

Manchester United had a good win over Manchester City last week and I am looking forward to the F1 this weekend, I hope Button does well, he is looking OK in early practice.

Traa dy liooar

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