Saturday, 10 October 2009

Just an up-date

Today we are up and ready to travel up to Carlisle, It was Norma's Birthday last week and we are going up to Carlisle to be with Norma's family, some of which are about to have or have just had their birthday, It must be something in the water in Carlisle that so many of the Family have birthdays so close together, mind you my Sister has just had her birthday, happy birthday Lynn, again.

Chemo all went well last weekend, I did sleep a lot for a couple of days but am now in the period when my blood recovers and I come back to peak fitness, it still suprises me how ill I have been over the last year or so and now that I am supposidly meant to feel worse how fit I feel, just goes to show you that chemo work differently on people. So far I am the lucky one.

Work is going well, I do not know what I come in to do each day but something always turns up. I will be doing a spot of training cover in a couple of weeks, just as holiday cover but that will be good.

Manchester United and the F1 racing are keeping my interest in sports up and Rangers had a good win last weekend. LOL.

Traa dy liooar

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