Wednesday, 2 September 2009


So it is back again to 'The Christie' tomorrow Thursday.

08:30. Blood test and asses what type of line I will get to receive my chemo.

11:00. See my specialist (Doctor) to see if Chemo will be given, down to if my bloods are OK and the infection in my artery is cleared up enough.

13:00. Start receiving the Chemo, in ward 5.

All subject to change.

I am looking forward to getting the Chemo and those of you who are on it and a bit further down the road are probably saying, he does not know what is coming to him but to be honest, I am feeling so much better after just one treatment and my quality of life has improved so much I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is no gain without a bit of pain. SO BRING IT ON!

I think I am a Chemo Vampire, just love the stuff. Chemo gives me Life, just like blood to a Vampire. LOL

Son Richard popped over last weekend, his visit was over all to quickly, it was great being with him. Great lad and Great Family. Love you all.

Sister Lynn is coming to stay for a couple of days, will keep me company while I sleep no doubt. LOL Lynn and Norma I am sure will have a good shop, glass of wine or ten. LOL

I will try to update more regular over the next few days with how I am feeling etc. That is of course subject to fitness.

Finally I would like to thank all my Family, Friends, Work Mates and all people who send me good wishes, prayers a very big thank you, your support is very welcome and helps me a lot.

Traa dy liooar

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