Thursday, 3 September 2009

Chemo Vampire Strikes.........

Yes Chemo is running through my veins again after a period of 24 days but what a 24 days.

I found out today that my infection was a lot more serious than I knew about, this came as a surprise, the specialist had a word with me as did the head of out patients, I understand why they did not worry me about my situation, they have me best interests at heart and I appreciate that.

Well today was a long one, we left at 7:45AM and got home at about 6:00PM (total 10:15 min).

  • Blood taken at about 8:45.
  • Line meeting at 9:00.
  • Specialist at 10:00 talked about infection and blood, all going to plan, permission granted to have next round of Chemo.
  • 10:45 due to the Hickman Line having to go into my chest above my heart and ran across my chest (Under the skin and in an artery) this had to be done in theatre conditions, I lost a bit of blood with the insertion as it needed adjusting, I probably lost about a tea spoon of blood so do not think it was a blood bath. This was done under camera, as they have to watch the feeding in of the rubber tube thingy.
  • 12:00 into x-ray to see if line was inserted correctly.
  • 2:15PM to about 5:00PM sat in ward having I counted including the pump 11 bags of gunk, you do not have to go to the toilet a lot, weeeeee. LOL.

Looking good in N'Ireland lads, I wake the patient up with a text as much as I can especially for Tea and Toast at 8:00am and I believe the patient is having fun on the ward, passing wind, to best effect and impact. LOL. Keep positive and strong. (Special love to all)

If you think you have it bad try going through something really difficult, i have a friend and I know they will read this, they have a loved parent, who is waiting for a major by-pass operation and the patient is acting like they are going to the dentist, NOW THAT IS ONE HARD DUDE! I have never met the patient but respect. (Love and Respect to this Family and I am glad to say my Friends)

Traa dy liooar.

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