Monday, 24 August 2009

Monday and no chemo.

Visited 'The Christie' today after dressing changes and bloods being taken, it was decided not to go ahead with my chemo today.

I have been put on another course of penicillin, this is to clear the infection in my artery (Chest area). Were there is still a fair bit of discharge.

Never mind, providing I do not react to the penicillin, I intend to go to work and do as much as I can.

Speaking to my Doctor today, she had given me a full check up and due to nurse shortage took my temperature and pulse herself. The Doctor commented on my heart and how good it was, rate strength etc, this brought the conversation around to exercise. Even on the days that I am quite weak I take a short walk in the garden, given that we have access to the garden and it is roughly 100mtrs by 30 or so mtrs and a good paved area, I get to walk quite a distance every day. On days when I feel good I walk into Manchester and sometimes, weather permitting will try to walk back. This is roughly 2 miles each way, quite flat. I am slightly concerned about some muscle loss in my upper arms, due in part to not being able to put pressure on my upper body when I have a Hickman Line, watch the demonstration on this link, do not run this if you feel squeamish.

So I can only encourage everyone to do some exercises, even if you are on chemo, keep that old heart ticking. Do not push though, just little and often.

Traa dy liooar.

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