Saturday, 19 September 2009

Fleetwood, Work, Chemo.

Fleetwood with Norma last weekend was very nice, the hotel was around 170 years old, squeaky floorboards but that quaintness that is lost with modern hotels, the service and food was second to none, the place was full of character and characters. Very popular with the Fleetwood set so that says a lot when the locals frequent a place, handy for all public transport. It takes about an hour for the tram to get to Blackpool, which is good as it keeps revelers well away and keeps the hotel a very restful place. The Hotel is the North Euston Hotel and may I suggest going Dinner, Bed and breakfast, you will not be disappointed. The hotel has regular entertainment, quite good, that is in the Victoria Bar but the pianist in the relaxing dinning room bar is very good, while we were there a tournament of slot car racing was on, scalectric for grown men, they even have pit crews, you should have been there to believe then but hey those cars moved.

50% of the rooms have a sea (estuary view) and to watch a ferry coming in or out is amazing it almost drift by your window, very quietly, so serene. sandbanks with small birds moving about like clouds over the sea, how they all change direction all at the same time is amazing, take some binoculars.

If you are a shopaholic you would love this place, Fleetwood market is very big and in buildings as well as outside all covered, fantastic bargains. Then a little further down the road you have the Freeport good factory outlets, I do not think you will get past the sweet shop but try to you will come out having spent a fortune it is excellent.

Travelling around, leave the car in or outside the hotel,car park around the back but safe out front, I highly recommend the day saver ticket it costs about £6.00 each but unlimited bus / tram travel for 24 hours plenty of time to shop take back to the hotel, see the lights (you may incur an extra charge here for certain trams and you will need to queue and change trams, is it worth it, that is down to you we gave it a miss as we stayed in the hotel).

I have managed to do longer periods at work, I put a lot of this down to getting my chemo on a Thursday and being able to rest up on Saturday and Sunday but this week may be thrown out a bit due to my chemo pump not being right, I am not saying who or how but my pump was not pumping out due to being clipped in the off position something I did not notice until 6:00am this morning and contacted 'The Christie' hot line and ordered up on their recommendation a District Nurse to clear my line, all done and dusted in short order. Enabling me to go to work for a while to get my work ahead of it self, just in case.

My treatment is going so well that I have been taken off the trial, my treatment remains the same but the necessity to have so much investigation prior is reduced, I am happy to be a trialist no matter how they use me, if I can help find a cure for others who follow just experiment away. I love the chemo and have very few side effects some tidiness that makes me a bit unsteady and if I am at work I leave so I can get home and rest. I will go back on the trial if I start to respond badly at any time for close monitoring.

Work support me and they are great. I am expected in on Sunday on early shift and I will do my best to do it but I and they both know I may not make it in so cover by my Boss is in place. I have known my Boss for many years and he is a good guy.

Some people, who I will not name are not having it as easy as me at this time and I do not hide away from the fact that I may follow these guys, one can no longer have chemo, the other has finished their chemo and is now having bad side effects, my thoughts are with you as well as others who have had heart bypass operations and are doing well.

Anyway, I started this entry off differently and will finish with a couple of laughs at others expense.

Norma, comes with me into see the registrar, I get weighed, up from 75.5 Kilos to over 77 kilos great (I have bought new clothes, 36 inch waist gone now a 32 inch waist) looking good).

Norma after the registrar leaves jumps on the scales, 80 Kilos, no wonder I think that I roll over to her side of the bed. LOL. Norma is now on a diet but puts the weight gain down to having the worries of the world on her shoulders. LOL.

Second laugh, A lady whom I have known a long time is in hospital and I text her a lot. I was in a ward at evening meal time, We are normally around this late but we were held back due to lack of treatment chairs.

The Texts went a bit like this;

Adrian to Lady;

Do all old Ladies take their teeth out to eat and smell of Pee.

Lady to Adrian;

I do not know I am in a ward on my own.

Adrian to Lady;

Can you not look in a mirror and sniff.

Lady to Adrian;

Sorry I can not write down this response and I call her a Lady, such profanity, I could not believe my eyes and me from a sheltered upbringing by Jesuit Priests. LOL

Traa dy liooar

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