Sunday, 23 August 2009

It all starts again tomorrow.........................

Friday, the nurse cleaned my wound, appears to be clearing OK, some hardness in the artery but Christies will look at that on Monday and change / remove my bandage.

Monday See's the start of my second bout of chemo, the day at Christies stats at 8:30 when I get my bloods taken, then a decision on what type and where to put my new line, I am not looking forward to a chest line but if that is where it is going, I will have to put up with it, there are a few options I think and an arm is also possible as an access point for the line.

I then meet up with one of my Doctors this is when my blood results come through, if my blood count is OK I will then go onto a ward for my chemo, Norma comes with me and we sit there for hours watching bags of gunk go in, I recon I had about 10 bags last time but will count this time as not to sure.

We also get fed and watered while at the Christie, the care is fantastic. I am not saying do this but if you ever want to give to 'The Christie' please do so here is 'The Christie' home site and here is the site to donate.

Sheila, Norma's Sister has just spent a couple of days with us, Sheila is a Cancer survivor and it was good to have her stay over, even though the pair of them bought all the bargains in Manchester, even if they did not fit.

I am looking forward, if all goes well to my Son Richard visiting, I expect that I may be tired but may not be, Richard would like us both to go to Manchester United to watch the Arsenal game, so far the quote for two tickets in the gods of the North Stand is £177.00, I think this is too much but friends are on the look out, if you know anyone with 2 tickets and to be honest they must be together as I am not sure how strong I will be and will need Richards support, give me a shout.

I am not sure how much I will sleep next week as I am quite tired even now, this may be my nerves / stress so I cannot say when I will update when I can.

Thinking of you all but special thoughts and wishes to all in N'Ireland, have strength lads, stay positive.

Traa dy liooar

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