Thursday, 20 August 2009


Wednesday saw my nurse back to change my dressing, back again on Friday as it is still weeping, I hope it will clear up quick as it may stop my chemo, I am not looking forward to having another Central Venous Catheter inserted it is getting me a bit down but that is only because I feel quite well at the moment and you get worried about the tiredness again. In the end you know it is done to make me feel better and give me a chance of life.

I seem to have a regular nurse now, she is part of a small team, they are all good but I like the Lady I am with at the moment, very chatty, intelligent and good natured, a treasure.

Our friends from 'The Christie' mentioned in the last entry have been in touch, I am glad to say.

My mate Ted, is down with the flu, so is steering clear of me, good lad.

Norma's Sister Sheila, arrives tomorrow for the weekend, I hope that Norma and Shiela go out on Saturday for a bit of a meal and a chat, it would do Norma a lot of good, I am sure.

My Son Richard, has confirmed he is coming over on the 28th I am looking forward to seeing my boy. I think he is also going to see an old friend of his called Tony, they are good friends that lost touch but have found each other via face book.

I went into work today to do a bit of admin and try to get my Team performance a bit better, they are a good bunch and I know we will get there. Had a pot of tea with my mate Paul. If you are in Manchester try Druckers for a nice Tea and a cake.

I am thinking of everyone in N'Ireland.

Traa dy liooar.

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