Saturday, 27 June 2009

Saturdays Cancer Test

Do not forget to read the older post's to see what has passed to get to this point.

Today Saturday, I am just back from the hospital after my big cameras up the bowel into the bowel, fist camera was only just inside the rectum and this showed up as being a cancerous growth, leading to this weeks MRI scan then the CT scan and finally today's Colonoscopy.

I was sedated but not put under, fully aware at all times but still need to be under observation at home for 24 hours, handy Norma has been trained as a nurse.

While I was waiting I took a turn, nearly passing out, this was put down to low blood sugar and soon passed.

The observation took place about 90 minutes ago and I am passing a lot of wind and had a bit of blood earlier but at this time I feel good. i have an empty bowel after not eating for a couple of days and having had a major laxative treatment.

At this time all is good.

Had a good natter on skype last night with my Sister Lynn and Family back home on the Isle of Man.

Oh! met my consultant today and he carried out my examination and he seemed to indicate a good result, lets see what the MRI and CT scans deliver. Happy days.

Traa dy liooar


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