Monday, 29 June 2009

Monday and counting down Friday and the Cancer crew Meeting

Well, now I am feeling a bit more human, just home from 8 hours at work, early start, early finish, I work on the 16th floor of a tall office building and the lifts were down when I got into work from the 9th floor upwards. If the bleeding cancer does not get me then if i have to walk up those stairs again that will get me, never mind like the journey forward, I DID IT with far less moaning than people more than half my age. LOL

Right as far as I know all my pre-treatment tests are now over, all my Endoscopys my understanding is this is a term for a camera going in either end of your body, if you know what I mean.

I have decided that I will not be drawn to Gay Sex after having two men with their fingers up my bum in the last two weeks, it really is a pain in the bum. LOL

Although I may make light of the fingers it needed to be done and to be honest since Saturday I have not been constipated or had diarrhoea and that in itself has cheered me up and raised my spirits.

Last night Len Goodman was on radio 5 live, if you read my earlier postings you will know by now that Cancer is the in thing in the press, on TV and Radio , Well I hope that I am just as positive and as generous in nature as Len Goodman a true gentleman and open and honest as I will try to be.

Two major comforts he helped me with is the operation and being sedated, he made it sound almost nice, I do have a fear in this area, i am very uncomfortable around knives.

Secondly an I WANT YOU ALL TO TAKE NOTE OF THIS AND DO NOT HESITATE! Like myself of late I have been getting check ups about every 12 months or so, with me I did not wait a year to find out what was going on up my butt, I did put it off thinking I had a virus but with pressure from Norma and our families and especially Norma's sister Sheila I visited the GP I hope quite early, so hopefully the Cancer has been caught in time and may not have spread to much if at all. This is why Len Goodman says he is sure he is well on the mend, EARLY DIAGNOSIS. So GET YOURSELF CHECKED OUT REGULAR.

Moving on to Friday and 10:15 with the cancer crew meeting drawing ever closer, I may not be too quick on up-dating my blog after the meeting, Norma and I will be getting away, Norma's brother Richard has kindly let us have his cottage for a couple of days, this will let Norma and I hide away if need be but we know that Norma's family will only be minutes away for support when we are ready, hopefully we will have good news and be ready to party. LOL Hey Guys in Carlisle that only means we may need a few minutes to get our act together. Mine will be a Gin and Tonic after my Pattie and Chips from Fontanas A Pattie if I have the word right is like the insides of a Cornish pastie only in batter, well sort off, all the Guys in Scotland and N.I. will know what I mean.

I am hungry now.

Must remember ring Ted.

traa dy liooar.

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