Friday, 26 June 2009

Cancer test's, cancer in the news and on TV, Michael Jackson

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Right it is Friday the 26th of June, I started writing this blog nearly 3 hours ago, but due to the laxatives and not quite making it to the loo in time it has taken me a while to even get this far. LOL.

So I am taking laxatives ready for my Colonoscopy which will happen on Saturday at about lunch time, I expect to be in for a major part of the day due to being sedated and not really in a fit state to do anything on Sunday.

A week from now I will know exactly (I hope) what the plan of action and time scales will be.

A couple of years ago my Sister in law Sheila and another Sister in Law's partner Gary both were receiving treatment for cancer's. It was then that I noticed an up-surge on Television and in the media in general that Cancer's profile seemed to rise. Is it just my imagination or is it all happening again? Cancer research UK Farrah Fawcett dieing of a similar cancer to my own etc, it just seems to be everywhere, or is it just me aware or it again.

Michael Joseph Jackson died yesterday of a reported heart attack, only 50 and so much talent, I will miss him but his music will live on.

I was speaking to my Great Nephew Albert on Skype last night, his Mum and Dad were around, what a thing this technology is, earlier in the week I had spoken to a great mate Alan over the webcam / skype and Alan was saying it was not that long ago that to have a conference call, such as we were having would have cost thousands to set up, now a cheap webcam and a microphone and sign on to something like Skype which for what I want is free and away you go. Marvelous. So much better than a telephone call, I saw our Jeanette's and Helmuts new piano while talking to Albert.

Thank you all for mailing me and writing on facebook it is great to receive your communications, keep them coming.

Traa dy liooar.


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