Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Big C up-date

At last an appointment with the cancer clinic, yes 9:30 AM on Friday the 12th of June in North Manchester General Hospital.

The hospital is not far away so that will be nice and handy, I am not sure if all my treatment will be there but hey they have made me an appointment. I have to have a pre-op so God knows what they are going to do to me.

I have made up my mind to make as many entries in this blog and to be as open and honest as I can be about everything that goes on, some rules I am making myself is not to mention full names for Data Protection reasons, not fair to mention Dr's Nurses etc. I will try to be as informative as I can about how I feel and how I am mentally.

If all goes well and if I can I want to lead as full a life as my illness allows, holiday in Cortes de la Frontera in August, go to work as long as I am not a burden to others and do me job well, mix with people, which I know at times I struggle with, do everything I can around the house and keep Norma happy as I hope I can for all my family. Stay cheerful and fight the fight.

In the past I have been a bit wary of hospitals mostly due to my fear of knives but it is true what they say, if you are in sufficient pain you tend to get over that fear, I am actually looking forward to someone taking ownership of me and doing all they can to get me as well as possible again, hopefully to live a long and useful life.

Oh and keep the emails coming it has really helped me know there are people out there who really care about me, I have good family my nephews and niece are real pick me ups as are there parents and the little ones. Please send pictures of little ones and family. my home email is

I am going to call Alan and Ted who are good friends once I know what is going on and Nic. Oh and Gary it was good talking to you all the way from sunny Espania.

I am considering installing a high definition web cam with built in speaker and install something like skype so I can communicate more effectively so if you have an account with one of these companies let me know how I can get in touch and once I am up and running I will notify you with my details.

If things go bad Norma will I am sure let everyone know ASAP and I know she would welcome your support. This is a morbid thought but one I have to be honest about.

Traa dy liooar.

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