Saturday, 13 June 2009

1st constructive meeting with the Cancer Crew. Plus up-dates.

Further up-date 17.06.2009

Colonoscopy booked in for Saturday the 27th of June 2009. I will be heavily sedated for this one.

An up-date on the information below, entered on Tuesday the 16th of June 2009.

Arrived home from work to find two letters behind the door.

Letter 1; A letter informing of an appointment for an MRI scan that will take place at about 2:00pm on Friday the 19th of June 2009.

Letter 2; Letter from my consultants team to arrange a date to arrange the date for my treatment to start.

I think that the results from letter 1 will be discussed at the appointment date of letter 2 if you know what I mean. follow this link for a bit more information on MRI scans.

Friday arrived at the hospital early and even though the waiting area was packed I was seen very quickly, Norma accompanied me as she has from the start, I must admit having someone with you is not only comforting but a great help, they can listen for you and later on remind you of what you have been told, you will get a bit panicky at times when unwanted or complicated information is given to you.

The Cancer Crew, that is what I am calling the Team that is being built around me, they are showing a lot of empathy yet not pulling punches, they are straight and direct, which suits me, they are not going to cover anything up and they will do their best and I have all my faith in them. Sounds corny but it is true.

The meeting, I saw 3 people, a nurse, doctor (Dug) and a Lady (Julie) support / liaison.

I was asked by Dug, what my understanding was of what had happened so far, without going into to much detail we agreed i knew as much as he did, which was not all that we required. Dug made a call to the hospital that I had visited over two weeks previously and had the results faxed over and Dug explained the findings and then started to explain;

The fact is I have bowel cancer, at the moment we have evidence that this is showing near the Anus area. Further tests have now to be carried out to see how widespread or if I have any other area's effected, it is possible but hopefully not likely that I may have cancer deeper into my system possibly liver and or kidneys.

Due to the possibility that I may have other parts of my body effected I have to have another colonoscopy that is the camera up the bum, this one may go deeper this time. I also have to have CT and MRI scans. The results of which will be discussed with me at my MDT meeting.

MDT or as I call them the Cancer Crew are the Multidisciplinary Team, they consist of the gastreonteroligist, the colorectal surgeon, the colorectal nurse specialist, the stoma nurse, nurse endoscopist, the radiologist, the pathologist, the oncologist.

I have been informed so far that they expect at this time based on the information known so far to expect a coarse of radiotherapy, not sure at this time if this will be a short course over a week of an expended course over a number of weeks, say 6 weeks. The radiotherapy is used to reduce the size of the tumor or tumors. I believe that this is not too painful a treatment but can make you feel tired as is the case with most if not all of the treatments. I have been warned that like all treatments there can be dangers to the process which I am not going to go into unless they happen as I believe they are rare.

If after tests it is decided to go straight in and operate well that will just have to happen.

I understand that after the radiotherapy a period of time is given to my body to have a break then the operation to remove the cancer will take place. Other treatments will then happen such as chemotherapy and my wearing of a colostomy bag etc but that I am sure is to be written about at a later date.

My information given so far is as how I see it and may be a bit sketchy if you would like more information have a look at this website

Anyone who feels charitable please donate a little.

Back soon

Traa dy liooar.

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