Sunday, 7 June 2009

Cancer, me and the NHS.

I cannot say much at the moment as I do not have all the details, what I can say honestly is this.

1. I have been informed I have cancer.
2. Not clear of type of cancer or treatment.
3. I am on an emergency treatment list at this time.
4. Waiting for an appointment with my consultant Mr Shariq.
5. I am up one minute and down the next.
6. Norma is going through hell, lost her first husband last week so is supporting her children, my step daughter and son, who are both doing well as are their families.
7. My Son Richard and his Wife are aware of the situation.
8. Most of my extended family are aware of my situation.
8. Insurance polices and most legal things in place, just in case.

I have added a link to PALS the Patient Advice and Liaison Services site, they have taken up my issue and the nice easy to deal with Lady is on the case. Thank you.

Sounds morbid but when you are not fully up-to speed with what other people are doing to your life you tend to look at the dark side.

Traa dy liooar.

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