Thursday, 18 June 2009

Older Post's and New Appointments summeries.

Look at the older post's link at the bottom for the story so far.

Just to re-cap for all the visitors who I have never met who are now sending me mails and are following my blog on my journey with cancer

I will summarise;

I am male, 55 years old, living in Manchester, England.

  • Being treated by the National Health Service, so far but I do have access to private medical treatment if I chose.
  • I so far know that I have rectal cancer.
  • My treatment was delayed due to a bit of a mix up.
  • I am positive and fighting.

Look back on the older posts for the initial stages so far and my mental and physical state to date.

The plan for the next 8 days;

Friday the 19th of June 2009, I will be at North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) for an MRI scan. This is around lunch time.

Wednesday the 24th of June 2009, Again at the (NMGH) this time in the evening for a CT scan

Saturday the 27th of June lunch time at (NMGH) for a Colonoscopy, this is the one I am least looking forward to and will be sedated. This link will also explain a bit about the cancer.

I will like in the older post's give my personal view of the treatments and how it is effecting my family and me.

Thank you all who have sent messages via many mediums, Email, Face book, phone calls & face to face etc, I would love to mention people by name especially those who offer me daily support and keep my moral up.

Last night Norma (my Wife to new people) got a bit down when I seemed to close her out, I was in quite a bit of pain and just absorbed myself in pushing keys on the laptop. Norma understands but I need to be aware of the impact I caused.

Sue a Lady at work who is a Mid Wife by trade has suggested eating small amounts of liquorish to calm my bowel, as the pains from Gas etc that is not flowing from the colon is quite extreme at times and seem to be getting worse, tonight I left work in pain and thank the young man and lady who escorted me part way out, you know who you are. Thank you. I will let you know how the liquorish works, Sue also suggested sipping warm water with sugar which may also help at times.

I have to visit my GP on Friday, this is to pick up a new prescription as the pain killers I am on now have paracetamol and I am not permitted any paracetamol from tonight until after the Colonoscope don't know why but imagine it may have something to do with the sedation, if you know different send me a mail,

So come back for updates soon.

Traa dy liooar


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