Sunday, 3 May 2009

3rd of May 2009

Well here we are in May 2009.

Health;I have an appointment for a camera up my bum on the 20th of May 2009, REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT, NOT. Other than that I cannot remember the last time I had a good nights sleep, probably November 08, keep getting woken up with stabbing pain in the bowel area, it gets you down a bit. I have lost about a stone and a half in weight,I am now under 12 stone weight loss has been steady since last October and eating is a bit of a problem as I do not seem to eat as much as I should.Possibly I am just getting old.

Since my last posting not allot has happened, we are planning a short trip but cannot say where too as it may spoil it.

Sport; well it seems to be Jason Buttons season so far in the F1 and Manchester United are inching closer to a couple of prizes.

Manchester; It is a Bank Holiday weekend and a lot of Spanish festivities are going on in the City centre, Saturday I saw a procession of Gents walking along with regalia and Pipe bands I do not think they were orange Men but they were similar. Spring has sprung and the vegetation is looking nice, flowers coming on a treat.

Traa dy liooar

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