Sunday, 4 January 2009

The start of 2009

2009 and what will it bring, who knows.........

I have been working hard over the New Year and this is my first day off.

Outside of working not a lot has happened.

I need to call my Sister Lynn and Family up to wish them a Happy New Year same goes for my Son Richard and Family.

Tomorrow is Richards 32nd birthday, I know you are asking yourself how can i be so young and have a Son who is that age. (Laughs out loud).

Norma and I are looking at getting a break away in March, we both are in need of a break, we are looking at either Spain or Tunisia, Tunisia quite often gets a bit of a reputation from travelers who expect Blackpool by the sea and do not expect or understand that it is still a third world country and yes you do see how some people survive from one day to the next, it is not oil rich and it need tourists, the people are on the whole lovely.

This the hotel in Tunisia that we use, no children and very relaxing.

I have a long weekend off coming up my plans revolve around seeing my Doctor and a trip up to Carlisle to celebrate Norma's Sister Sheila's 60th Birthday. Sheila has been through the mill with her health in recent years and we are very lucky we still have her with us. Sheila and one of Norma's other Sister's Janet who's partner Gary was ill, so that is Sheila & Gary both had cancer Gary did not make it and that makes us even more thankful that we have Sheila. Gary is sadly missed one of life's good guys, taken too early.

All over the news this week we have had nothing but the troubles in Gaza / Israel, I must admit that I side with the Israelis over this, I do not support killing in anyway but can the Hamas not stop sending rockets over into Israel and negotiate. It is to me like Northern Ireland, relgion causing death.

A lady is sat on the Manchester wheel for 48 hours to raise money for charity, I gave some money towards this and even went out of my way to do so, this is unusual for me but please follow the link and do some good.

Traa dy looar

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Your nephew David said...

Happy New Year Uncle, I dont get on the Pc much these days but when I do Its still nice to read your blogg. We must try and arrange a couple of days this year in Manchester, maybe towards the summer or late spring. Anyway hope your feeling better, give my best wishes to Norma and Hope this year is pleasent and enjoyable for you both.