Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Holiday getting closer by the day.

Not a lot going on really so finding it hard to post anything of consequence.

I was sorry about Lewis Hamilton getting a puncture but what a fight back.

No news from back home in the Isle of Man.

Norma is struggling on, we are still waiting on tests, we will just wait to see what happens.

Oh! Norma is up in Glasgow for work on Monday next staying overnight, I never sleep well on my own in a bed but it is just one night. Her Spanish lesson is coming on slowly.

24 days and we will be away on holiday. Lets hope we find somewhere to live that we like, in Cortes, a nice small finca with an bit of land and a few tree's, citrus & olive would be nice, a nice hedge of cactus for some ripe fruit.

Well it is coming up to the start of the Olympics and the Football season, so lets see what happens to Man-Unt and Team GB, come on Mark Cavendish for the Isle of Man.

Traa dy liooar

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