Sunday, 10 August 2008

Counting down the days.............................

Our trip to Cortes de la Frontera gets ever closer, we have been looking at Google Earth for ruins and plots that we may be interested in, that is if we do not see something already built.

Norma is not well and not knowing is adding to it, she is off to Glasgow on Monday after work for a meeting back on Tuesday late, a good book on the train journey may give her a rest.

Nothing to report on Richard (Son) still no contact.

Helen and her Family are in California, seem to be enjoying themselves.

United are playing as I write this, I live in hope, no score yet.

I have a New Team at work and they seem a decent bunch, as are the Old Team.

Oh! the New Garden is coming along slowly, the main thing that has happened this week is about 30 large boulders have been delivered weighing in at about 2 ton each. They are taking some time to place.

Traa dy liooar

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