Monday, 28 July 2008

Time of change

I have been a bit busy of late, my work life balance has been work, eat and sleep so I am sorry if you have mailed me and I have not responded as quickly as you would normally have expected.

Work / Life balance This is something I am defiantly not getting right, I am getting taken over by the work side, with this in mind I am looking around for another position, something that I can use to progress towards retirement with.

Norma and I are increasingly looking at moving away from Britain, we have a three year plan that can be brought forward as circumstance's change. The big thing for me though is having something to do while in retirement. A plot of land is OK for spring summer and autumn but what do you do in the winter, paint and decorate, I have tried to retire before but need to be active.

So with this in mind I need a change of work direction, I think. The place we are looking at to retire has a good post office so is selling over the web an idea or is everyone doing that now, has the market place become saturated, what would I sell, who would supply me.

I have never been a person who can work with their hands to a high standard, I tend to rush, so quite often spend more time filling in the hole that I drilled in the wrong place.

What am I to do?

Moving on Norma now has appointments with two specialist's, Electrocardiograph tests and all that surrounds not being in good health. It will be a few weeks till we see the results and what needs to be done.

I spoke to my Sister Lynn on Sunday, Lynn and George had just got home from being at Buckingham Palace again, Royal Garden Party this time, they had a good time. Helmut my Niece Jeanette's husband had been given an award by the Queen earlier in the month, he was very taken with the Duke of Edinburgh, very down to earth, he was also speaking with the Duke of Gloucester I think it was, also an equerry brought Princess Anne over to speak to Helmut, they had a good chat about the Isle of Man and our Lynn and George. Helmut is a fantastic bloke, he is quite eccentric in many ways but has a passion for life that is quite enviable, one of his funny little quirks is that when he drives his Bentley he will often wear a leather helmet and goggles. I swear he read Wind in the Willows as a child and adopted Toad of Toad Hall as his idol, he even wears the checked suits. Brilliant.

This week See's me having a break 7 days off, plans include re-grouting the kitchen floor, total cleaning of the house, touch up painting ETC ETC. A change is as good as a rest they say, time will tell.

I must call my mate Allan later to see how his hand is getting on also Ted to see how the band is going.

If my Nephews are reading this, what are you guys up to, is it time for a beer in Manchester?

I have not heard from my Son Richard and his Family in month's so all must be getting sorted in the new house, they will be working hard getting things right, I am sure. I was going to go over and surprise then but things have got in the way, I plan to visit the Island early December and play Santa.

Must get on with scraping out the old grout.

Traa dy liooar.

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