Sunday, 13 July 2008

Close and closer

Well I spoke to my Sister last weekend, just a short chat as she was rushing off to meet up with Princess Anne up at Government House, it was Tynwald Fair on Monday and HRH was over for the weekend.

Helmut my Nieces Husband was off to Buck House to see the Queen to pick up an award, Jeanette thought she would go off to Jersey instead, as she fancied a rest rather than hook up with the Queen.

I spoke with a good mate Allan who is at home recuperating after an operation on his hand, it was good to catch up with Allan, must organise a drink in the near future, will mail him after doing this blog.

Just in case you read this Allan, Ted has joined a band.

Allan used to be in a 'Status Quo' tribute band and is a very good guitarist. So he says.

Anyway we will be going on holiday to Cortes De La Frontera It is a lovely White Village up in the Spanish Mountains. Quiet and very rural, very few people speak any English which we like. Norma's Sister Sheila is coming with us, she is good fun and a very nice Lady. Norma and i are really pleased that Sheila is coming on holiday with us as she is so enthusiastic about things. We take a lot for granted but the places we visit will be new to Sheila and it will please us to see her enjoying herself.

It should be my last week training Advisers this week and I am looking forward to being with my Team again. The Training group are quite good and I have been out with a few of them they are good fun to be with.

Traa dy liooar.

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