Sunday, 4 May 2008

Well United take a step closer and Linfield get the double

Good weekend for the football. United beat West Ham 4-1, Linfield have won the N. Ireland league and the cup, excellent. Carlisle in with a chance of promotion as well. All I need now is for Newcastle to either beat or at worse draw with Chelsea for a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend.

I pulled my back yesterday lifting a large bail of garden peat in and out of the car,I have taken some rather large pink tablets to ease of the pain. We have bought some large wooden troughs for flowers and they are now looking very nice with some plants and a few small bushes.

Work is going OK, so handy it only being down the road, I can tell you the commute is just like going from Onchan to Douglas, no time at all.

The weather is picking up, tree's in leaf, lovely and fresh, our local squirrel is looking quite fat.

This blog entry is reading quite boring to me. :)

Norma was out at a Hen party last night, one of our good friends is getting married in a couple of weeks up Rochdale way, we have the hotel booked and if I am working, I will have to try to get a shift swap or see if I can take a holiday, Clair and Mike are a lovely couple, Mike is a NHS Dentist (very passionate about the NHS he is too) Clair works with Norma in the HR department. Well anyway Norma got in at about 1:30am not drunk but very tired.

Had a couple of drinks after work on Friday night in Lloyd's bar, very good company.

Going to call my Sister Lynn in a few minutes as I said in a post or so ago, she is due to go to Gibraltar and I need to know how her health is.

Traa dy liooar

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Anonymous said...

you keep talking about united and linfield but you're forgetting an other good team. good old glasgow rangers going for the quadruple. hope you are all ready for an evasion of a life time. enjoy the atmosphere on wed 14th.