Saturday, 26 April 2008

Change in the weather

Spoke to my Sister Lynn last Sunday she has not been very well and was meant to call me back on Thursday after she had been to Nobles Hospital for check's, so I will call her and make sure she is OK.

Lynn & George (Brother in Law) are off to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meeting in Gibraltar in a couple of weeks and I know it is a place our Lynn has wanted to visit for some time as our Great Great Grandfather was born there around the time of the battle of Trafalgar and Lynn has researched our family history for years, I do my Fathers side of the family.

See Georges link ;

Also spoke to my Son Richard and one of the Grand children last Sunday. I forgot Kayleigh's birthday again, felt bad about that, I miss every ones birthday, anyway they are all well that is what matters.

Work is changing for me next week, I will be more involved with the call centre than the training groups I think. Work in general is going well. Good place and Good people.

Today Chelsea beat United 2-1 not a good result now both level on points, Lewis Hamilton 5 th on the start grid for the F1. Lets hope Linfield clinch the N.I. title today for the third time in a row today.

Had a good day today (Saturday) the weather is nice and been outside for hours, doing a bit of gardening, buying planters from B&Q, cleaning windows, repairing some guttering etc........

My mate Ted is standing in the local elections on the 1st of May, lets hope he does well.

I am hoping to meet with Roy and Oliver next weekend that could end up with a good laugh. For an Indian, a Nigerian and a Manx man we do sound like the start of a joke but when we get together we are murder. Hee Hee, bring on the air guitars.

Traa dy liooar

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