Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Better late than never.

Sorry to all that wait with baited breath for my blog to be published, I have been a tad busy with work lately.

Lets get work out of the way first, I am happy to say I have passed my probation, I do not like probation periods in fact I dread them and this is only my second one in my life. I would go as far to say that I would prefer to stay in a job that I did not like than to move into a new role with a probation period. That is how badly a probation period effects me.

Right, the Great Glasgow Rangers Football Club are in Manchester today and their supports are FANTASTIC, outside my place of work, there is a great party atmosphere, very similar to TT week in the Isle of Man.

Staying on the football theme, Manchester United, Premiership Champions for the 10th year since the start of the Premiership 16 years ago, just tell me they are not just the best. What about City's 8-1 on Sunday.

Our Lynn (Sister) is in Gibraltar this week, tracing I hope our Great Grandfathers roots. Lynn & George as I have mentioned before are at a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association gathering, representing one of the smaller Commonwealth Nations. I do hope they enjoy the place and the meeting, I doubt if Robert Mugabe will be there.

I have changed my picture to a Silver Surfer, quite fetching I think. Hee Hee.

Poor Norma, all her Sisters have gone to the Canary Islands and she is home alone, This must be a first, I think her Brother Stu is in Canada so out of a Family of 6 only two are in Britain, for that matter I am here in Britain with a Brother in London who I do not get on with and never speak to and everyone else in other countries.

Nephews! Is it not time we had a meet in Manchester and get Richard over. For that matter why are you not staying at my place for the Rangers match?

Must get back to my house work, I am currently spearing thinners on the City Courtyard which was re-surfaced in the Winter and the resin sealant had gone a bit white so just curing it again. It stinks. The washing machine has also been on the go for the last 4 hours and I have run out of furniture polish. Still have the car to polish. Bleeding hell. Apron on.

Traa dy liooar

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david said...

Its been a while since ive read your blogg. Been just like yourself very busy at work. Just got promoted to manufacturing Engineer which is just a fancy title theve given me to be the production managers right hand man. We will have to get a short weekend arranged over in manchester, both Alan and i have talked about this. Maybe once everyone gets there summer holls over we can arrange something. Im sure you heard about Robert Dunlop, great shame. ill be following the TT closely, hope to catch some of it on tele. Catch you soon.