Saturday, 23 February 2008

Good Week

That has been a good week, we are training in o2 offices in Bury I get a bus from the end of the road then 30 min each way. A lot less travel time from the one and a half hours each way.

We now consist of 8 Team Leaders 1 OPM and 3 trainers, all really good people. Lots of positivity.

o2 systems are really advanced and a lot better than other firms, really good set up.

Some of the tariffs are well worth being on, especially if you use over £10.00 a month on Pay as you Go. Give them a ring you will see what I mean.

Norma and I had a drink in Lloyd's, in the printworks last night, well two bottles of rose to be honest, then some chips on the way home, nice end to a good week.

While I have been doing house work, cleaning carpets etc Norma has been to a spa with the girls. She has come back looking good, nice nails.

I will finish the carpets tomorrow, we are thinking of going up to Blackley village to the Alliance pub for a sixties disco tomorrow (Sunday) 4-8, meant to be good. Will report back.

Traa dy liooar

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