Sunday, 17 February 2008

Tele Tech / o2

Started with Tele Tech on the o2 account on Wednesday.Met up in the kitchen of some rented offices with Gino, Liam, Sinead, Erik the Dutchman and low and behold a good old friend Andy D. Our HR people are D and Simon.We all hit it off from the start, really nice people.

We only worked short days but good Team building time, ran over a few policies.

Friday we visited our new offices on the top of the Arndale business tower, brilliant view of one of the tallest buildings in Manchester City Centre. After which we visited Lloyd's and stayed in there form about 14:00 to 20:00 long day in the office, Norma joined us later on with a workmate, Carol.

Been a dear weekend bought New Clothes, Glasses (£350) and a mirror for the living room marked down from £100-00 to £40-00.

Sinead had a bad start to her weekend her 8yo niece got hit by a car but she looks to be on the mend, lets all hope so.

I am meeting up with Erik who has moved into his New home after coming over from Northern Ireland last week with his wife, we can travel up together to the o2 building in Bury where we are going to get some training.

Training is about 5 weeks, and we really need to get into the o2 way of working.

The meeting we had with the UK boss Sunail was very up beat and positive, very people focused, I really am looking forward to getting stuck in with a good Company, we meet our other boss on Monday I think.

Traa dy liooar

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