Sunday, 2 March 2008

Another Good Week

Learning and being tested on the o2 systems and process's, product knowledge and the like. It is a bit tiring being in a learning environment but very satisfying none the less.

Just a short few weeks now till we move into our new offices, Arndale House, super views of Manchester.

Norma and I had a drink in the Printworks on Friday night (Lloyd's Bar) nice.

Saturday into town to meet Norma who had gone out earlier to get her hair done then on to the English lounge for lunch, early home, then slob around.

Been into town early today to go to Primark, they open for 10:30 viewing and the tills open at 11:00 so we were first at the till, over to Rowntrees for a full English then home with all our shopping, New Jacket for me, bath sheets, wooden coat hangers, cardigan for Norma and assorted bits and pieces.

We decided once at home that we wanted to be away for Easter, it has been 40 years (no kidding) since I have not worked at Easter so taking full advantage. A trip to the North East of England is now booked, we plan to see Whitby, York & Beamish with their attractions. Our hotel is the Sporting Lodge Inn near Middlesbourgh.

So for now

Traa dy liooar

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Anonymous said...

I opened the sauce the other day----- nice one !

My tuna and pasta had the extra kick......

The the portuguse love it !