Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wednesday late on.

Caught up a bit, so lets have a go at the blog.

Tonight Norma is off out to the Hilton for her Company Christmas Party (Esure/Sheila's Wheels). All the best wine and food paid for, they do look after their staff and as far as Norma is concerned the best job and company in the world.

I am still waiting on a couple of job interviews and one of the recruiters a Lady that Norma and I used to work with and she is really supportive. End of that it is boring.

I was in the City Centre shopping today bought a few little items for the forthcoming festivities, it was nice and quiet in the Arndale and on the streets, nice clear crisp day.

The garden at the rear of our home is being turned into a communal garden and I am putting down some idea's of what I would like to see, using the PC to draw up the plans, a bit of education on how to draw plans.

Spoke to my Son Richard today over on the Isle of Man about getting the Grandchildren their Christmas Gifts, usual thing they as like other children want that special thing that everyone else wants and there is a shortage of, not to worry, all will be OK in the end.

Our street is looking good, a number of us have put up lights and things a mini Blackpool, some have done more than others me being one of the less adventurous.

I do not only have this blog I do have another one on an over 50s site and I am now going to make an appeal. Please if you have a neighbour or know someone on their own, give them a Christmas card or something, even if they are a grumpy old git, you never know that grumpy old git may be you in later life. Me I have 12 cards and Norma has 1, mine are mostly from my Brothers in the Lodge (Masonic).

Anyway Oceans 12 on TV tonight and Man-U are at Roma, Norma out, beer and choc's I think.

Traa dy liooar.

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