Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I forgot Tuesday. DOH

Tuesday flew by.

Touching up the paint work.

Meeting of the Residents Association and Manchester City Council reps, in regards to our new community gardens.

Washing and drying clothes.

Waiting for interview results.

I will try to do a bit more of an informative blog tonight as Normski is out at the Works party at the Manchester Hilton.


David said...

Make sure you get some pics of Richard and the gang and you can throw me one or two of them. It would be good to see more pictures on your blogg too. Todays one is a cracker, you havent changed a bit since I last seen you. Which reminds me, it would be great for a big family reunion sometime, any weddings coming up? Seriously it would be good to get together again for a day or two, maybe next year.

All set for Christmas then?

Angie said...

Hello Adrian,
I've just seen your post on the 50plus forum, thought I'd say hello.I'm also on and guess what, I've also added a link to 50plus on my blog.Feel free to have a look at my blog,I'll read more of yours later.Bye for now.