Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Today and Manx Short Cake.

I have had a good interview today with a Lady who I used to work with and I have a good feeling about the job that I have been put forward for,so fingers crossed.

I thought today I would give you a recipe in both English and Manx just for a change, especially for the Ladies who read this blog. Good for the hips Girls :O)


Take a pound of fine oat meal.

Quarter of a pound of butter.

Quarter of a pound of lard.

Half a pound of sugar.

A tablespoonful of baking powder and a little salt.

Mix the butter and lard soft, but do not melt them. Mix them with the oat meal, and knead with a little treacle, and roll into cakes. Put the dough in the dishes rubbed with butter. Place in a hot oven. When they are baked cut into squares.


Nee shiu goaill punt dy vein corkey veen.

Kerroo punt dy eeym.

Kerroo punt dy smarrey muck.

Lieh punt dy hugyr.

Un lane spain boayrd dy phoodyr son fuinney as red beg dy hollan.

Jean shiu yn eeym as smarrey bog.

Agh ny jean shiu lheie ad. Mastey shiu ad lesh yn vein corkey. AS jean teayst jeu marish red beg dy chesh shugr as jean berreenyn jeu. Cur shiu y teayst ayns claareyn stainney slaait lesh eeym. Cur shiu ayns oghe cheh. Tra t'ad fuinnt giare shiu ad ayns meeryn keare cor neilagh.

Easy and good for you.


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