Monday, 3 December 2007

Me and a rant


Well that has been a busy seven days and a bit more to come.

Firstly the job front, nothing solid yet but an interview coming on Thursday with a company that I got a knock back from in early October for an other position. This position is a lot higher up the Management Scale, I presume they considered me over qualified for the other roll I applied for so have now invited me to apply for this role, more money, more responsibility. As previously stated in an earlier blog, a lot of recruiters are saying I am under selling myself. So if you ever apply for a role try to remember not to undersell yourself, I suppose it is just a thing you tend to do as you get a bit older, you forget your life experience is important and you have a lot to offer.

The Saga Zone, is quite good at keeping my sanity, there are a lot of very nice and supportive individuals on the zone, I am really enjoying a battle of memories that I am having with Franco, Franco has worked out who I am but I am yet to work out who he is, I know the area's he lives and has grown up, we have mutual people we know and have moved in the same circles at roughly the same time, it is very intriguing. Franco is collating our memories for publication on the zone. I must remember to say to Franco about my Brother in Laws book 'from Tynwald street to Tynwald Hill' it is a mixture of memories and how to become involved with local politics on the Isle of Man, which I know Franco would be interested in.

Norma is now well on the road to recovery, still a bit sore but on the mend and has returned to work today.

Norma's Sister Sheila came to stay for the weekend, we had a couple of trips to the shops around Manchester and a glass of wine etc while seeing what Manchester at Christmas had to offer.

Right I am going to get a bit UN-PC here or at least border on it;

How many Nativity Scenes have you seen in your area, it was on the BBC breakfast news today that in schools you are more likely to have the children's play being Scrooge or some other non religious play.

Look around you at your decorations and Christmas cards how many have a Christian theme. I have what I believe to be Christian values but these values could equally be Buddhist, Hindu or any other religion, my parents chose my religion but I see myself as a non-conformer, I just try to do my best for all but to cloak the religion of a Nation just to be ultra sensitive is ridiculous, even Manchester Town Hall now no longer has a Father Christmas, they have a Christmas Teddy, I wonder what its name is Mo or Jesus perhaps even Fred. Enough, Enough my rant is over but just look around you now and smile.

I am glad that Lady has been released in the Sudan :O)

Tonight Norma is off for a Team Christmas Party, Norma has another Party nearer to Christmas in the Hilton, big event that one, tonight's is just a local one.

I am off to meet up with Oliver tonight, see how he is getting on, hope fully I can assist with something but we will see, I am not the only one without a job :O( and Oliver really needs one.

I have gone on a bit here so will pull up and leave a bit for later.

Traa da liooar.

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