Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Christmas visit.


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The Christmas visit.

It started on Friday 14th of December.

Traveled up from Manchester Piccadilly to Lancaster then on to Heysham Port, very enjoyable journey. The Children Richard (Son) Charlotte (Daughter in Law), Kayleigh, Jerry-Ann & little Kyle were waiting on the platform, lovely meeting, kids running up shouting Granddad.

The Children spent most of the journey back enjoying being on a train that was not being driven by steam, seeing motorways and very tall buildings. You have to understand that a tall building for them is a church steeple and trains, trams etc are Victorian.

So after dropping of cases at our home into the Manchester Shopping experience, well it was everyone holding hands, most if not all the children had never seen so many people in one place (it was quiet and not for me a lot of people around). Also the amount of shops was exciting to them.

The lights in Manchester are very good this year and after meeting up with Norma (my Wife) we walked up to the Town Hall and the biggest Teddy Bear Father Christmas, you ever did see. A lot of little open mouth's just gaping.

Quick meal and home to bed.

Saturday was a bit manic, we split up Ladies (except tom boy Kayleigh) off clothes shopping. The boys including Kayleigh off doing the electrics and games shops. We hit very lucky and I managed to buy two yes two Nintendo DS's in pink for the girls, so they will be very quiet on Christmas day and Charlotte thought she was a pop star with half a dozen Primark bags full of clothes and boots.

Hopefully I will have a picture attached about Kyle's trip to Old Trafford (home of Manchester United). Well kyle who is just four, is a Manchester United Fanatic and Wayne Rooney is his hero. Richard and Charlotte took the little fella off to the ground to go to the Mega store. Well once there they decided to take in the guided tour. If little Kyle does not get anything for Christmas his memory of being at the football ground will stay with him forever I am sure, he just raved about it. He got a hat scarf and ball.

Sunday was great, it started off with a trip for the children to see Santa in his grotto then on to Ice Skating in Piccadilly gardens, Norma and I did not participate in this activity before you ask. They all enjoyed themselves. A lady fell on her Daughter and we suspect broke the child's ankle, hopefully it was just bruised. Little Kyle was knocked to the floor and fell upon by a big lad which led to a nose bleed but he is a hardy lad and shook it off without too much fuss.

We then visited Norma's Daughter and her Family for everyone to meet 6 children aged from 17 to 4 all enjoying themselves, Fred, Lori, Alfi with Helen my New Daughter in the background. They all enjoyed themselves bouncing on me.

Little Kyle was extra happy as Liverpool (0) vs Manchester United (1) was on the box.

OH! David if you are reading this blog, HA HA. 1-0.

On Monday we drove up to Heysham and dropped the Family off, very quick farewells as it can get a bit weepy and everyone got home OK early to bed for all.

Well I hope this is not boring everyone but something I will add.
Remember, what fun it must be to see Christmas through the eyes of a Child.

Traa dy Liooar.

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david said...

Yeh I am reading and Im not amused haha. Lucky manure as usual.

Anyway, glad you had a good time with the family. Your link works fine, some nice photos there.

Dont know if you ever use it but www.tinyurl.com is a great site for turning large links into small.

Oh and Keep your eye in the post ive a card on its way.