Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Shopping, Christmas in the Hot Tub & work.

Today was a bit of a catch up day.

Into town for a bit of last minute shopping for the old brandy sauce and the Christmas pudding along with other expensive bits and pieces out of M&S and suitable stores.

Norma and I are up in Carlisle for Christmas and Boxing day visiting Norma's side of the Family. On Boxing day if all goes to plan we should be enjoying a festive drink in the hot tub and sauna, cannot wait. I must remember to make some Mulled Wine. Norma has quite a big family and although it can be a bit sad as we remember those who are not sat around the table, those that are there are full of fun and very good company, pleasure to be with them. Must remember to buy toilet roll for John, so he can do his Andrex puppy sketch. Those

I have been quiet, about mentioning how I am doing with obtaining a suitable job of work, well if all goes well I will start on or around the 12th - 19th of January 2008 but things are still up in the air. For instance I have had two calls today in regards to jobs that I had thought and in one case I had been told that I did not have enough experience in the required area but have now been asked to interview for. The other roll was with a Telecoms company that had to remain nameless due to the security side of the job, all Hush Hush secret squirrel sort of thing and now they are ready to talk to me, so will wait and see.

Anyway time for a small beer I think.

Traa dy Liooar.

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