Tuesday, 20 November 2007

What a nice day.

Firstly the Manx Meat sent from my Sister Lynn has arrived. In fact we have just had a couple of Manx Pork Chops, they were so nice you would not believe it. I cannot wait to try out the rest. Meat with taste not like the Supermarket rubbish you get here in Manchester.

Manx meat bought here; http://www.isleofmanmeat.com/

I am happy to say that My Nephews are all making contact and that is really good and I am not annoying them bringing up recollections of their Grandfather of Father, wait till I start on Irene their Mother but I am leaving that till later in the month:0) Birthday girl.

Manchester was busy today when I went in for an interview, round by the Town Hall was really good with a European Market in full swing, Norma and I had a glass of Mulled Wine that was very nice, we also bought some Spanish Sausage that is very good.

The lights in the Town Center are very good this year and I cannot wait for My Son Richard and his Wife and the Grandchildren to come over next month, the Kids for sure will never have seen anything like it, I know they are really going to be gob smacked.

Oh! it is nice to see the boys putting remarks in the comments field's and yes I think I will get up to Glasgow and show the young lad how to drink. I remember taking David for his first legal drink in a pub, what a mess. Hee Hee but that is for another day to tell that one.

Right your Manx for today is;

Gow kiarail er y jough noght in English take care on the beer tonight

Traa dy looar

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david said...

Thats a story you dont need to tell haha!