Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Happier and coming to terms.

Today I think a light has come on inside my head.

I am un-employed and likely to be until after Christmas, so I should make the most of it. I have never been without work before so it is well outside my comfort zone. The trigger came from someone on the Saga Zone a complete stranger, who I am unlikely to ever meet said they were in the same position and that they had been contacted by agencies who are also finding it quiet for the time of year and as my job hunt is for a management roll then the positions are even fewer.

Thank your God or whatever for Norma and others for their support and advice, also Moira who is the Lady on the Saga Zone.

Talking about the Zone if you are 50 or over get on it, I have never been on discussion forums before but it is quite addictive, especially with people of a similar age group but perhaps with different points of view.

Well tonight is a big night for the football, first and foremost, lets hope that Northern Ireland and Latvia win, it would be good to see N.I. in Europe and they would have done it on merit. England are in a stronger position I know but they should scrape through.

Best bit of news for me today was getting an update on my Ulster Nephews, some information had escaped me and what a surprise it was to receive it, I hope to see all in the very near future and I am glad to see all in Ulster doing so well, Oh yes David I will be telling the tale of your 18th later, had to..... no I will save it for another day... 'The Plough' in, Ramsey, was it not. Oh and the day you 'floated off' the back of my motor bike on Hailwoods rise, 'just floated'... another day.
Uncle Adrian is just sat here with a smile, stroking his chin and plotting. Hee Hee.

Right your Manx for the day is (and yes it is just around the corner) ;

juys Nollick and in English , Christmas tree.
By the way, Christmas is the Nollick piece

Traa dy looar yessir

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david said...

Yes our quick bike ride to Douglas, Floated with a bump id say! Can you beleive that was 20 years ago!!