Monday, 19 November 2007

Knocking shop

Not a lot happened today, interviews tomorrow and a trip to see the lights of Manchester.
Norma thinks she is going to put me on a diet, dream on Apple and Pear Pie in the fridge that I must eat. FEED ME, FEED ME.
Homer Simpson is a GOD.

Well now I am going to go back in time.

Once when visiting my first Wife's (Harry) family just outside Belfast and being in the habit on the Isle of Man of visiting Summerland Aquadrome on a weekly basis for a sauna, steam room or an Aerotone bath, I wondered if there was a similar establishment in the area.

My Brother in Law, Alan who was also on holiday at the time, said he would not mind trying out a sauna as well. So the Yellow Pages was quickly found and we started looking for Saunas, well Alan found this one in the University area of Belfast Alan rang and booked us an appointment, I suppose we could have gone to the Mary Peters club locally but that was for members, this place did not require a membership.

So off we went, Alan driving me the navigator. We found the street easily enough but the Health Club was not easy to find. We stopped a postman and asked him did he know the address, well he smiled and gave us directions to the house, yes a house, with white blinds, it looked OK, not quite what we expected but OK.

Alan and I knocked on the door and an intercom came on, asking who we were, so we said we had booked an appointment, buzz, we were in.

Well it was just like a house inside and me not paying attention just followed the Young Lady upstairs to the sauna. We were shown into the changing rooms disrobed and put on towels and went into the sauna, the building had massage rooms, not unusual I told Alan, as I often had a massage from one of the Male staff at the Aquadrome.

Things started to appear funny to me when a Young Lady came into the sauna, dressed in a Basque to dry her hair, who the hell can dry their hair in a sauna I hear you say, well you are right, she was a masseuse she said and asked did we require any additional services, next thing she produced a menu with prices down one side. Well you should have seen our faces, we were both a red as beetroot's highly embarrassed to say the least.

We had only gone into a knocking shop.

Alan admitted when we left about an hour later, that he thought it was funny when we came in, as the front room was full of Young Ladies dressed as maids.

Well I am sorry to say Alan has passed away now, taken well before his time and I did have a few laughs with him and for that matter in and around Lisburn, Belfast etc. I will add them at a later date.

I am aware my nephews Alan and David read this blog, their Father being Big Alan my Brother in Law and I am not going to let that put me off. Hee Hee.

Right your Manx for today is;

Er cannoo Ollagh. In English = Sexy beast

Traa dy looar


david said...

Good story, one you have told me many times. Your not going to be put off and so you shouldnt, I enjoy reading your stories. I look forward to lots more!

peter said...

Er cannoo Ollagh-I thought that meant peter. enjoyed your stories cheers. you'll have to pop up to glasgow some time so i can buy you a drink. if you can still handle a good drink.