Tuesday, 6 November 2007

That sounds good.

Day started out OK with an interview in the Portland Thistle Hotel in Manchester, a New Telecoms Company starting up in the town center. I have been shortlisted also heard that I have been shortlisted for another job, this job is working in a Security Environment (James Bond or what) I cannot say anymore about that job without having to kill you.

The Futon saga is over, all sorted, it took some sorting out but once I looked at it from another angle it just fell into place.

Another trip to Altrincham tomorrow for another interview so a nice day out, Altrincham is quite a nice trip, short walk to the Metrolink then straight through, I think a nice coffee in one of the many cafes will be called for.

Oh! I had a haircut today, I am sat here, Norma has been home an hour and she has not noticed so it must be OK.

Love and Peace

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