Monday, 5 November 2007

A landmark

Two months unemployed, from someone who has never been unemployed before.

My Nephew David who is an avid reader of this blog added some comments to one of my post's he had noticed that I was getting a bit short of content and was a bit down, I suppose he was right. Though I would say it is not so much not having a job to go to, as much as you spend a lot of time in your own company and that can be a bit boring, you start to talk to yourself and watch rubbish TV.

Anyway, cheers David you have shook me a bit, Norma is also keeping me going.

Well last night I thought I was dieing, I am not often ill but I had a lot of pain last night and hardly slept, I finally grabbed a few hours after Norma left, funny how switching on the TV makes you fall asleep. Feeling a lot better now though.

Right this FUTON. I have now used NO NAILS and it had better stick, I had put it together all wrong as well, maybe I was getting ill and could not think like an IKEA whizz kid.

On the job front I have a couple of meetings booked in for Tuesday and Wednesday, lets see what they have to offer, I hope the post's are something that I can enjoy.

I am still buzzing over Paula Radcliffe 26+ miles and most of us complain about walking down the street.

Oh! Davids brother Peter mailed me yesterday with some sick pictures of rats being prepared and on a plate ready to eat, sick or what. Both David and Peter are my Nephews via my first Wife Harry. Harry's Sister is hitting a land mark year later in the month. Hee Hee poor OLD Irene. How old will that be, bus pass age.

Indian Curry and Rice for tea. I hope I am well enough to eat it, or will it be another night in the bathroom.

Love and Peace.

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david said...

That reminds me, did you get the invitations I sent to you and Norma for my mothers 60th? I know its maybe not the most convient time especially so close to christmas, but if you can make it let me know.