Sunday, 18 November 2007

Slobing around Sunday

I first of all say WHAT a RESULT for Northern Ireland, 2-1 against the Danes. That lad Healy is well good.

This reminds me. My first Father in Law Ernie Webb what a Man he was.

Ernie was your typical Northern Irish builder, always had a good word to say, a ready smile and a twinkle in his eye, liked a drink but above all else he loved his Linfield Football Club, who also play at the N.I. National Football Stadium, Windsor Park.

Well this day Linfield had to visit Dundalk (Linfield = Windsor= Protestant Team. Dundalk border town in the South), sorry for the history lesson. Well Ernie and a couple of lads from the Blues supporters club in Lisburn had traveled down on the coach to see the game a European match, I cannot remember the score but after the match Ernie and the lads had a bit of a walk to the coach. On the way down a narrow road someone came out of the street in front of the supporters Ernie at the front and started shooting, well either Ernie was very brave or drunk but he just walked past the man shooting up the street as if he did not exist, It took two other friends to throw him into a doorway out of the line of fire.
They swear the gunman could not believe his eye's at this man just walking straight at him, so he must have taken sympathy on him and let him by.

Added data 1979 from the Dundalk website(1-1 draw (H) and 0-2 win (Match played in Haarlem, Netherlands, after rioting between rival factions in Dundalk) against Linfield FC in the preliminary round of the European Cup, 1979 ) Please notice the riots in Dundalk but Linfield had to play there home game in Holland, fair or what, not.

This probably means nothing to anyone else but it makes me smile about one of the best men you would ever have wished to meet, it was a pleasure being his Son in Law. Good on yer Ernie (Mr Blackbush) from the Pernod Kid:0)

And it is my blog so there.

No Manx outside of Traa dy looar today.

Since 1999, and in conjunction with Irish League side Linfield of Belfast, the club (Dundalk) has been engaged in a peace and reconciliation programme, known as the Dunfield Project, which through the medium of football is facilitating the coming together of young people from the Dundalk and Belfast communities. In 2002, the club won the FAI Cup for a ninth time. The club operated as a co-operative, with teams competing from school-boy level in Dublin-based leagues to girls and ladies teams, along with the first-team for a period until August 2006, when they were taken over by local business man Gerry Mathews. Dundalk celebrated their 2000th league game against Finn Harps on Thursday 8 March 2007in Oriel Park. A crowd of 2500 turned up; a figure that is massive for the First division.

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david said...

I enjoyed reading your post today, brought a small tear to my eye.