Saturday, 17 November 2007

Sporting Saturday!

Well it just goes on, Lewis Hamilton/Mclaren done out of the F1.
Scotland beaten by the ref.
Windsor Park getting a soaking, so unlikely NI.
Wales and RoI drawing.

The only hope at this time is Israel to keep English hopes alive.

For my day well the meat from the IoMan did not arrived so it is burgers for tea:0(

Saturday night TV is so poor we are watching repeats on UK Drama.

Bring on Sunday.

Right your Manx will today be a conversation, enjoy.

Where do you work?

Where exactly?

C’raad t’ou gobbraghey? – Where do you work?
Ta mee gobbraghey ayns Doolish – I work in Douglas
Mie lhiat gobbraghey ayns Doolish? - Do you like working in Douglas?
S’mie lhiam gobbraghey ayns Doolish – I like working in Douglas
B’are lhiam gobbraghey ayns Purt ny hInshey – I would prefer to work in Peel
Cre'n fa? – Why?
She Gobbag mish – I am a Govag

Traa dy looar

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