Thursday, 22 November 2007

True or not?

Right are we sitting comfortably.

A friend of mine Back in the Isle of Man swears this is true, as he was the person involved.

Now to set the scene, as you leave Ronaldsway Airport on the Island you soon come to a little place called Ballasalla, if you follow the road around and head towards Douglas with the Old Police Station on your left you start to go up a slight rise towards Douglas, past an opening to an old estate and then there is a few houses. Now the backs of these houses have nothing except fields behind them and you get a beautiful view of the hill called 'The Round Table' loverly.

Right the scene is set.

One night Jerry had let the dog out the back just before going to his bed, the dog usually just cocks his leg and comes back in, but this particular night the dog did not, no he disappeared but jerry was not concerned and watched a bit more television as he waited by his patio doors.

After about 15 minutes he heard the dog panting on the patio, so he went and opened the door to let the dog in.

Well Jerry stood back in horror the dog had in its mouth next doors cherished family pet, winner of fur and feather shows the length of the Island their prized 'fluffy' the Angora Rabbit, big hairy things they are.

Jerry called to his Wife Jan, “look what the dog has brought in Jan, what are well to do, fluffy is dead, next doors kids will be devastated, Jan what can we do, next door will never speak to us again”.

Jan not being one to panic came up with a solution “Jerry what we should do is this. Lets wash 'fluffy' dry him off with the hairdryer and put him back in the hutch. The dog has not drawn any blood he must have just broke the rabbits neck”.

So at that Jerry and Jan set about the task, to wash and blow dry 'fluffy' the rabbit..

It must have been three o'clock when Jerry and Jan got to bed that morning having placed the poor little thing back in it's hutch.

Neither Jerry nor Jan could sleep with the guilt, they could only think of the next door children, skipping out the next morning to feed 'fluffy'. So Jerry decided come eight o'clock he would be out in the garden doing a bit of weeding to offer as best he could, support in what he foresaw as a traumatic event in the children's and in no small way the parents life.

It was about twenty past eight when Jerry noticed Carl walking down towards the bottom of Carl's garden. Carl got to the bottom of the garden, looked in the hutch and stood bolt upright scratching his head.

Jerry leans over the fence and says “you OK Carl” well Carl was silent for a minute or two before he answered back. “ Jerry I just do not understand it” “understand what” was Jerry's reply. After another minute had past Carl replied “ I just do not understand, Fluffy died yesterday and we buried it down the bottom of the garden and today Fluffy is back inside his hutch all washed and looking good, dead but good”.

Well at that Jerry had to come clean hadn't he, well it still makes me smile thinking of the night that Jerry and Jan gave a wash and blow dry to a dead rabbit.

Now this may be true and there again it may be not.

No Manx for today I think you have had enough reading.

Traa dy looar.

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David said...

What no mention of England getting a thrashing by a much better team. HeHe, Too cocky that England Squad!