Sunday, 14 October 2007

Well Saturday.

Saturday ended up being a bit of a non-event, I do tend to forget that Norma has had a hard week at work and needs to have a break.

I was going to meet up with Oliver etc ended up watching England win the football and the rugby, what a day for sport in England, Oh! well done Scotland they are really doing well with the football.

We have spent and are spending a lot of time getting in food and cleaning the house, cant let the TV people see any dust, you would be surprised how dust can accumulate over the summer with all the windows open.

Must call Oliver now to let him know what happened.

Have a look at the You Tube link with the Laxey Wheel, just click on the picture, Robin Gibb singing the Manx National Anthem, very good scenes of the Island to go along with it.

Did you know that Maurice Gibbs funeral was delayed due to the late arrival of the Manx flag to that was to cover the coffin, that is what I have read somewhere anyway.

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