Monday, 15 October 2007

The start of another week.

Here we are again Monday morning, England will play RSA in the rugby next weekend and Lewis Hamilton is in with a chance of winning the F1.

At this time on Monday morning, I have one appointment on Wednesday morning and nothing outside the BBC being around on the cards. Lots of applications out their though and if last week is anything to go on Monday lunch can get busy.

I am doing an Autumn clean today, so keeping myself active.

Are you on Face Book If you are not why not join up, it is a bit of fun that can become very addictive.

Well I wonder if we will get post today, I have been waiting on a few items and you do not realise just how much proper stuff that is not junk mail comes through your letter box.

I am going adventuring up Cheetham Hill today, Norma and I had a drive out yesterday and I noticed a shop that is part Asian and part Afro Caribbean and I am trying to find 'Encona Red Sauce' for my Friend Daryl in Barcelona, it must be good stuff.

More tomorrow........ Oh and do not forget to try the You Tube links on the left hand side.

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David B said...

Still enjoying reading your blogg! I can see how much you love that old island of yours, funny enough some of my happiest memories are of the IOM or maybe that was just the company!!. Stay positive on the job search. Oh and lets hope Lewis can bring home that F1 title.