Saturday, 13 October 2007

Ah well

The job in Bolton did not happen, plenty more fish in the sea though. More interviews etc planned for next week and a lot of applications in.

Right, last night met Norma from work had a drink in 'The Old Grapes' Liz Dawns pub in town, then moved on to the English Lounge, followed by chippy tea. Lovely night.

We have the BBC filming down our street on the 17th & 18th of October (day time). It is possible so we have been informed today that they may be using our house to shoot some scenes. Bedroom scenes at that.

The show at this time is called "Scallywagga" and is a sketch show. So keep on the lookout for it. I am wondering if it is a children's show by the title.

Looking forward today to the France vs England Rugby should be a close match, who should I support though.

See old entries for additional information on filming in our street, pubs and chips.

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