Thursday, 11 October 2007

Stockport today, tomorrow the world.

Well Bolton was interesting, had an assessment center, will see what comes of it. Distribution company servicing the UK (Mainland).

Outside of the Bolton assessment center, I had contact with friends Anish, Zulekha who cannot come out to play on Saturday as it is Eid or religious festival time.

Oliver though is up for anything so I am hopeful we can 'hook up'. Oliver is Great Company, he is doing his Masters at Manchester Uni, he is from Nigeria and we have some great chat's. Oliver may have the world crashing down all around him but he just shrugs his shoulders and gets on with it. I admire Oliver a lot.

Today in fact I have to leave soon to go Stockport for another interview, so will cut short today's blog.

Chilly but clear here in Manchester.

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